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All that you can't leave behind


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this i relate as possible self therapy or a reminder to others. once we leave this place called earth, we are no longer here, only in the memory of others. hadto deal with unexpected tragedy this past week, which was like hell on earth with too many mixed senses to deal with at once. my wife's mother passed away,was found 3 or so days after soul left body; so the shell remained and deteriorated. one of her friends found her, notified the police who were understandingand supportive. we arrived after the process of sorting out had begun. she luckily had friends, otherwise it could have been a worse scene (which is hard toimagine). she was old so had lived a life (which never is long enough). she was a hoarder and had essentially filled her earth abode with what was left behind(mostly costume jewelery) in no particular rhyme or reason. also seven cats were involved, some ferrel, but cared for. so had mass of minimal value along withthe scent of death and waste. it would have been easier to just burn or detonate the place, but not an option. so her life is over; ours goes on- you can onlyleave love, things don't matter. we plan to simplify and get rid of that which used to matter. thanks for reading this (if you do) and remember the basicsare all we truly can give and take with us - love is all that really matters. peace.

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