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Bono and George Clooney Talking on CNN


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Hi. I know this is already a thread on the paid side, but for those who may have not yet seen this, here is a terrific and long conversation between Bonoand George Clooney completely worth watching. Sorry for the somewhat off-site link--there may be a better one, but the whole video interview is here: http://broadwayworld.com/article/James_Sims_Sofa_Snark_Bono_and_George_Clooney_Talk_Shop_on_CNN_20090502 (half way down the page).

(Aside from the terrific discourse, I must admit I also very much enjoyed Clooney's voice, which I had never heard, and the amplified sound of Bono rubbinghis chin stubble [laugh!]. Both are fairly yum acoustic additions to the very smart and enjoyable interview!)



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