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Does bono need a background vocalist


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share the love bono what about a song writer...

You want me you want me irish pride
celtic crosses and the love for the music
for u I would climb a mountain
for you I would break the hourglass of time
for you I would try and think straight
for u I would give u the world...
irish rock and roll
where the green where the white where the orange

hey look at the rabbits hey look at the frogs

look at that ass...so stubborn for his dreams

donkey no one is going to drag you down

but you sort of gave in, but you saw the light, was saved

you saw God, Satan...now I believe like Michalangelo of the 16th Chapel...

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lemonada wrote:

he already has one - hes called The Edge, this aint simple minds yknow....



bono has one of the best live voices in the business.has you heard him do miss sarejevo live....


the edge manages very well as his b.u.v.

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I heard bono sing live on a morning news show and he was really bad-nothing like the most beautiful voice I'm so used too.


why is that? it wasn't too long ago either.


I just hope he can blow us away at this 09 tour, ya know?!!

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He's called The Edge and he is the background vocalist. Bono suffers from allergies that affect his voice, if you here him sing and he sounds not so goodthat's the reason.

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