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What you dislike about U2?

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afulan u2 com wrote:

No offense

But grow up Toddv and then i'll tell you that I'm just a kid....



I said....i feel you have the right to a thread....I also have a right to say what I feel....Boy...

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The B-Sides thing is a bug bear for me and it might sound trivial but as I've collected every single release U2 have put out from the very first to themost recent I have noticed a decline in the quality of B-Sides. I have no interest whatsoever in Dance music so when you get a single with three remixes of thesame song its a disappointment. The Achtung Baby BSides were great - although Mysterious Ways was all remixes - but for most albums since there's been theodd descent song but also lots of live tracks of established songs or remixes. There are plenty of songs from album sessions apparently - Mercy gets lots ofpraise on here for example - or "lost songs" from past records that would be far more preferable to me.


Live I wish they'd drop the "clunkier" numbers that are a bit overplayed - I think Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bullet The Blue Sky are past theirsell by date in the live sets and Love And Peace Or Else is of similar ilk in my opinion. As for Bono's "preaching", when I was younger it drewme to them - idelaistic youngster that I was, now it sort of makes my toes curl at ties. I've nothing against a band with something to say like this onstage but I think the words he chooses sometimes make me cringe a bit. The work he does though is inspirational.


To expect a fan to like every single thing a band does without question though is just silly - U2 do not exist simply to please me or you. If they did theywould simply record The Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby Part 2 every time they go in to the studio. It's rare that I love every single song on an album forexample. There are usually more than enough songs on each record that I do love to make up foor it though ...

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Hey good topic,,,with all my years and shows following the band there is not much overall but here are a few of mine


1. set lists way to tight , if you see back to back shows or same tour sometimes only a rare few songs swapped out., and seldom if ever a never played/livesong mixed in set.


2.show structure....sorry but drop the opening act , play a solid 2 and half plus hours , 25+ songs{I admit they are older now and some open acts are greatchoices]....some live shows often clock in less than 2 hrs!!!


3. keep connected to the fan base....like the SOMV MA, show and others, also keep an eye on this site it is a direct reflection of them as a band and in turnus as fans.


enough said...............let me in the show........FOXBORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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