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Dedicated album for our wedding


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Hello everybody!


I'm a french guy and I'm not the boss in english... And be so pleasely with me!


Weel, my fiancée and me wendding's spend this summer on 29th august. For this party, I wont give to my wife a big present.


In fact, she's realy fan of band and she have lot of album! She's go to concert and I'm going with at Nice for the vertigo-tour.


Since this date, I'm become fan to!


How do you think about my idea, and what I'm must doing to make it?


Thanks for your read!




Letter :


Dear Mr Hewson,I am writing to you because I would like to give a great present to myfuture wife.Indeed, she is one of your fans for years (since Achtung-Baby if Iwell remember). She has all your albums and 2 titles bought in France,and some from abroad. She applauded you to some of your concerts and Ihad the chance to come with her at the vertigo-tour in Nice.You certainly receive hundreds of mails but I hope that this one willget through to you.Can you please tell me if there is any way to have a copy of your newalbum dedicated by you / the band for a special occasion: our marriagethis summer, on 29th August 2009. My fiancée's name is Claire.Moreover, if you are in Burgundy by that time, we would be very happyto welcome you at the wedding!In any case, thank you for what you bring us, in everyday life,through your music.Looking forward to hearing from you,Mickael from Burgundy"
Thanks to Peter for your translate!
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