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bad depeche mode news .re tour.


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for those who are seeing depeche mode in the near future,ie london.this might concern you.(and me)



Depeche Mode have been forced to cancel two shows on their 'Sounds of the Universe' tour, yesterday's show in Athens (May 12) and tomorrow's show in Istanbul (May 14), due to the illness of singer Dave Gahan.

Dave fell ill with a severe bout of gastroenteritis shortly before he was due onstage in Athens which resulted in his immediate hospitalization. At this stage, Dave's primary concern is to return to full health and resume the tour as soon as possible.

Fans in Athens and Istanbul have been advised to hold onto their tickets as an announcement will be made shortly with regard to rescheduled dates or cancellation.



get well soon dave.


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actually it doesnt look that bad.ive been reading up on what he,s got.


and it sounds like what ive had the last 3/4 days.stomach cramps/nausia/vomiting/the other.but im getting better after 4 days.so he should be fine too.


it should last 5/6 days tops if youre quite fit and healthy.i expect dave is quite fit and healthy(regardless of his past).


so hopefully he should be fine within a week.

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