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edge guitar sound?


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I have a PRS and a Fender strat..ive gotten pretty close to mimicing the sound the edge has in a few songs but its freaking hard!! I have a ME-50 boss pedal

and the delay and reverb on it is pretty decent gives it a good feed back for like Where the Streets Have No Name and Sometimes You Cant Make it On Your

Own...but as far as the Fly and Zoo Station I cant even get that effect going....im just good at using chorus and distorition (cant spell) lol..forgive me rock


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Thanks for those links Izzy2U! Good reading in there, found a link somewhere in there, and I forget which one, but it was pretty much a rundown of all thegreat ambient guitarists, like Edge, Robert Fripp, and Michael Brook (Cobalt Blue and the Captive soundtrack are great).


I don't currently have an interface... and I never used an amp, but apparently Michael Brook just runs his lead through effects, into a couple pre-amps,and runs that direct into the board. If I had a setup, I would like to try recording a part on two mono channels, panned left on 1 and bit right on 2... runthe left channel dry and put some delay on 2, once the part is laid down, I would experiment w/ bumping the right channel a touch to achieve that Edge effect.Modulate!

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LifeFactory wrote:

andywatt wrote:

i wish i could help you out there, the edge doesn't make it easy !


it sounds like several different sounding guitar tracks layered on that song.....ive no idea how it would sound live, or even if it would be possible to play live?


i'm only just figuring out how to achieve some of the tones from the 80's u2.......i'll be an old man before i start this one. I wish the boffins at BOSS could produce an 'edge' pedal, i think it would be a huge seller........and save us all alot of time figuring this stuff out


sorry i cant help you more!




Thanks, Andy. So, you do think that sound is a guitar effect? That was all I really wanted to know, whether guitar or something else. Good luck with your grooves!



I think its definitely a guitar sound yes.....but with the edge playing it could be anything, i seem to remember seeing him play an acoustic live through all kinds of effects, echo, distortion.....you name it, wish i could remember which song it was? it may have been the fly ( it was at the millenium stadium in cardiff.....i was at the front paying close attention ).
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Hey Babyface,


You have awesome equipment for playing like The Edge.  But you need to use Blue Herdim Picks and play them upside down or sideways.  The picks have a dimpled grip.  The Edge uses the dimples to create that chime.  Takes a bit of getting used to, but that sweet sound with delay makes it easy.


Hope this helps.  ROCK ON




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