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Environment,Denmark Dec 2009


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Bono was recently on TV here in Denmark, extolling the virtues of Denmark as an 'environmentally friendly' nation. Eiither he hasn't done hisresearch properly or has been grossly misled. The Danish govt. are only committed to the environment as long as it doen't cost them any money. The summit(which is costing the DK taxpayer £30M) is the most blatant form of hypocryitical window-dressing I've ever seen. Denmark is much worse than many other EUcountries in several respects when it comes to the environment. For example, if i wish to insulate my house against heat loss, the govt here not only offer meNOTHING to help in the cost (presuming I do the work myself) but they also have the audacity to charge me 25% VAT for the insulation material. I'm charged100% Co2 tax on my electricity bill but i never get anything back. The biggest manufacturer of electricity generating windmills in the world is here in Denmarkbut less than 1% of their sales is within DK as the govt punish people who want to erect windmills - in fact thy make it nearly impossible. THe DK MOT testdoes not include exhaust gas analysis. There is no traffic resrtictions in central Copenhagen . in fact 3500 people a year DIE from pollution-related illnessesin this country. I'm surprised that Bono (who's input and attitude is normally well-informed and accurate) could be hoodwinked so easily

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