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Setlist for 360 and My 2 Cents


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Before I start rambling about what I think let me setup my Background as a U2 fan
-First year as a U2.Com member
-Been a die hard fan since 87' (Joshua Tree) / 6 Years old..
-Seen them 7 times (2 Popmart, 2 Elevation, 3 Vertigo)
-2 U2 related tattoos (Joshuatree on my back, "U2" on my ankel)
-Collections of Records, 45's, CD's, Singles, Books, Limited Editions worth Thousands
-This list can go on for pages…

Ok now that I've established my creditability...

My 2 Cents....

Opening Song
First song needs to be NLOTH… Without a doubt this is the song on the new album that gets the blood pumping more than any other. It introduces a track that Ican't see been a radio hit but a live masterpiece that will start the show in the right direction. City of Blinding last tour was the right choice andshould have been the opener for every show vs. Love and Peace. NLOTH into Boots is what they need to do to set the right tone for an awesome show…

Where The Streets Have No Name - I need goose bumps, last tour with the African theme didn't do it for me as it did on previous tours.Don't get me wrong I still had tears in my eyes but the transition and the intro seemed a little rough and the African theme seemed too forced.

B-Sides & Rareities
After reading Edges interview in RS and what they have put together on the previous tours I don't doubt that they will include some oldfavoirtes that will please the fans and entertain the newbie's. Electric Co. into Oceans - as Guinness would say "Brilliant!" This tour I wouldexpect/ hope for some tracks from R&H like Hawkmoon 69 which if played studio version or even just tweaked a little bit will rock the socks off of everystadium. I would also like to hear some unusual tracks from Achtung Baby like Acrobat or Cruel aswell as a live remix version of EBTTRT (Perfecto Mix) thatwould get people dancing... Also would love to hear (Heartbreak Hotel, Lady with the Spinning Head, Dirt Day (Junk Day Mix)

The Live Story...
U2 has always done an excellent job of telling a story since the Zoo TV days and I expect/ hoping for a story of a larger magnitude than whatwe've seen in the past considering the unprecedented stage setup and the venues they are playing. Bono and the boys theatrics along with their music makesthem the best live rock show around and as a fan I expect nothing less and for the people I am bring to the concert who have never seen a glimpse of what a U2live show is about I am betting their minds will be blown...

Why this tour will be special ( My Birthday)...
On September 20th 2005 I saw U2 in Chicago which is fell on my Birthday. Prior to the Encore I was going to write the show off as just another Vertigo showthat I had already seen but then what went from expected to the unexpected was the astonishing encore fueled by the amazing Chicago fans (I'm fromWisconsin where the fans and shows are average compared to the shows and fans in the windy city) and U2's love for the city. For the First Time played forthe first time in years into Bad into 40 back into Bad (BTW For the First Time & Bad are in my top 10 U2 songs of all time) I was amazed... It was the bestconcert I have ever seen them perform and it happened to be on my BDay. I have to attend a wedding the opening night in Chicago 9/12 but no disappointment tome because I will be seeing U2 in my favorite city in the world Boston MASS and yes it will be on my birthday 9/20. I don't doubt for a second that mygirlfriend and I making the trip out there will be blown away not just because its my Birthday, not because its Boston, but because U2 since I was 6 has blownme away every day I turn on the radio, my cd player, my Ipod.

No matter what they do, whether I expect it or not, whether my hopes come true, U2 won't disappoint this Irish lad...


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