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Time for what?

You know, I am a bit irked with the press these days (Ha! What's new?).


The latest manifestation of criticism for the work Bono and Geldof have been doing is that they "paint anegative picture of Africa and Africans," and Africans are calling for the platform to be able to represent themselves--which is certainly valid, andultimately the goal.

But, this is a bit unfair, because I distinctly recall Bono (not sure about Geldof) saying repeatedly that the image of Africa needs to be re-represented, andhe referred repeatedly to Africans being optimistic, entrepreneurial and energetic. The press is so fickle.


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Really it's the time... we must action against extrem poverty (specially in Africa, but in Sout America and Asia too...!!!).

In the G8 Summit in Aquila (Italy), politicians promised to give 20.000 milion of dólars (14.340€) to fight extrem poverty. But... we must to show them thepromises must be keep!!! Let's make the promises real! Let's press the politicians to do it!


Now a days, the real job of the goverments in the 1rst world (in the occident, "the rich ones") it's to win the elections, not to action fortheir people... WE MUST DO THE POLITICIANS HEAR US!!!


That's all...



PD: Sorry for my English... I must improve it too! I'm from Barcelona and young too, so...my English it's not perfect! tongue.gif

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