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If you are taking medication please don't drink alcohol

miss major crisis

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if you are taking medication and the paper says DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL then it's because you mustn't drink alcohol.

if the damn paper warns of unbearable side effects because you are drinking alcohol what will happen to you if you disrespect these rules?

your head will explode and you will want to die

and why does your girlfriend feel guilty?

because she wanted to make you stop taking the medication

because she felt she should have forced you to go to the hospital and stay there for treatment

because she felt she should have hidden the medication from you

she should have insisted and go against your will

she should have done so much more to stop YOU from taking the pills because you were drinking alcohol

when people don't respect what it says in the paper and they think they are above everything then they suffer, then they commit sucide

like it happened to Jim Morrison

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