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U2 bandmembers you've never sounded better!! (Warning:a gush moment)


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For a couple of years I've been without audio on my computer,but over the weekend I got a my prize from a charity auction which is a PC.

After hooking-up the system, I immediately went to You Tube to see a video of U2 when the band appeared on David Letterman's show.

After seeing U2's adorable top ten list on David Letterman with my new computer, I felt like saying to U2's band members (if they're readingthis) "guys, you never sounded better"!!

Not only was Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam's sense of humor refreshing, but their sexy Irish accents made their appearance more appealing.

By the way, here is a video clip form the U2 appearance and what did you think of their spot on the show?




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tacosontheceiling wrote:

*joins in gushing* I saw the Letterman week on TV, and I was laughing for days about the top 10
It was adorable, and I still have it saved on my DVR. If anyone deletes it, I will kill them! I was squealing like crazy when I was watching it!

I hear ya,

If I had a DVR with the U2 appearance saved on it, it would be under lock and key!!!

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