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AUSSIES! Rage tomorrow night owns.


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Tomorrow night on Rage from around 2:30am is a total U2 overload... they are playing some rare clips too!laugh.gifsmokin.gif




U2 I Will Follow (Mercury)

U2 Gloria (Mercury)

U2 Celebration (Polydor)

U2 New Year's Day (Polydor)

U2 Two Hearts Beat As One (Mercury)


U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday (Polydor)

U2 Pride (In The Name Of Love) (Polydor)

U2 The Unforgettable Fire (Polydor)

U2 A Sort Of Homecoming (Polydor)

U2 With Or Without You (Polydor)

U2 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Polydor)

U2 I Believe In You (Lovetown) (Polydor)



U2 Where The Streets Have No Name (Mercury)

U2 Desire (Mercury)

U2 Angel Of Harlem (Polydor)

U2 with B.B. KING When Love Comes To Town (Mercury)

U2 All I Want Is You (Mercury)

U2 Night & Day (Mercury)



U2 The Fly (Polydor)

U2 Mysterious Ways (Mercury)

U2 Even Better Than The Real Thing (Polydor)

U2 Numb (Mercury)

U2 Lemon (Mercury)

U2 Stay (Far Away, So Close) (Mercury)

U2 Discotheque (Mercury)



U2 Staring At The Sun (Mercury)

U2 Last Night On Earth (Mercury)

U2 Please (Mercury)

U2 Mofo (Phunk Force Mix) (Mercury)

U2 Sweetest Thing (Mercury)

U2 The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Universal)



U2 Beautiful Day (Universal)

U2 Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (Universal)

U2 Walk On (Universal)

U2 Elevation (Universal)

U2 Electrical Storm (Universal)

U2 Vertigo (Universal)

U2 All Because Of You (Universal)

U2 Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Universal)



U2 City Of Blinding Lights (Universal)

U2 Original Of The Species (Universal)

U2 Window In The Skies (Universal)

U2 Magnificent (Universal)

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I did a direct digital cap of this special overnight, I know most of the clips are out on commercial DVDs but which songs are "rare" or unreleased onDVD? I'm talking DVD, not VHS only. Once I find that out for sure I can edit out all the common ones and just keep the rare ones.


From what I can work out, the rare ones (the ones that haven't been released on DVD) are:




Two Hearts Beat As One

The Unforgettable Fire

A Sort Of Homecoming

I Believe In You (Lovetown)

Angel Of Harlem

When Love Comes To Town

All I Want Is You

Night & Day

All Because Of You

City Of Blinding Lights

Original Of The Species


Am I right?

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Did anybody happen to record this as i didnt know it was on till after rage was shown.

if somebody would have a copy would they please be willing to share a copy.

If not would any body know if rage will happen to repeat this again soon smile.gif

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