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buitenverblijf voor de Dutch Treat zo lang Denis in quarantaine zit!

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JR01 wrote:

cockatoo wrote:

nog een ding....(moet live optreden van breathe nog goed bekijken) maar....ik luisterde vanavond naar breath (o.a.) op m'n ipodje en merkte dat er ook piano/keyboard gespeeld wordt...maar ook tegelijk met gitaar.... wie speelt dan keyboard?


breathe wordt trouwens langzamerhand de favoriet van nloth voor mij.....

Ik gok Terry Lawless.



ahhh...ok....t is zeker iets waar ik tijdens de optredens op ga letten in ieder geval...


en nu ga ik echt naar m'n bedje toe!



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JR01 wrote:

Heb net het rooftop optreden nog zitten kijken. Vond het erg fijn om Magnificent zo live te horen!

Precies JR. Boots vind ik maar zo zo en de overige twee nummers kunnen we dromen. Magnificent live, ja da's andere koek. Daar kan de live uitvoering vanBreathe tijdend de Jo Whiley show niet aan tippen m.i.

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U2 to play mini-concerts in the US


The promotional appearances just keep coming. We have two interesting pieces of news for you relating to U2 performances in the US.


Firstly, we recently announced that U2 are going to play on Good Morning America. Well, news has leaked that on the morning of the 6th of March, U2 are goingto play the Rose Hill campus of Fordham University in the Bronx. They will perform from the steps of Keating Hall; although we have no confirmation, thisappearance will presumably be for GMA - though a couple of sources indicate it may be after GMA. Wait and see. (Update 01/03: the GMA and Fordham appearancesare indeed one and the same. The band will reportedly play for approximately 15 minutes.) Only Fordham University students with ID will be admitted to thewell-secured campus. However, GMA indicates members of the public may be able to attend the event they are hosting; keep an eye out for competitions.


Secondly, U2 will be staying in the US to make three more special appearances from the 9th to the 11th of March. FMQB Productions and Interscope records arepresenting a "radio extravaganza" called "U2 3 Nights Live" that will be broadcast via satellite on ABC Satellite Services and WestwoodOne. These three appearances will be:


9 March: live from Los Angeles, "An Inside Look At No Line On The Horizon", hosted by Shirley Manson, the lead singer of Garbage.


10 March: live from Chicago, "Radio Takeover" featuring a DJ set by U2 and again hosted by Shirley Manson.


11 March: live from Boston, U2 will play live and answer audience questions. Host is yet to be announced.


All three appearances will occur at 9-10pm US eastern time on their respective days. Chicago radio station 101.9 FM The Mix have announced a competition to seeU2 live on the 10th - indicating U2's appearance may be more than just a DJ set. See here; opportunities to win tickets will be at 10:20am, 11:20am, and1:20pm weekdays and this will apparently be the only way to see the band. Meanwhile, New York's 101.9 RXP has indicated listeners will have chances to seethe gig on the 11th in Boston, while Boston radio stations are advising listeners to tune in on Monday for an announcement (e.g. 104.1 WBCN at 7:15am; 100.7WZLX at 7:20am).


Exciting times are ahead. We will naturally bring you more news as soon as we have it. As an aside, the appearances on the 9th and 10th of March won't bethe first time U2 have shared a stage with Shirley Manson. Garbage opened sone Elevation Tour concerts, and at the last show of the tour, Larry joined themduring their set.

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