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360 show opener???..(first song)


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u2jerry wrote:

Listening to FEZ and how BOOT'S is worked in it seems like the perfect opener, and thinking as a longtime fan would'nt it be


cool if they worked snippets of other songs of past in it prior [pre-tape mix] and then into FEZ live?


What do you think will be the opener of the live set?


YEAH! I completely agree with you!! But also FEZ+NO LINE..

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electricco wrote:

Unknown Caller, Why Not ?



Sunshine, sunshine

Sunshine, sunshine


Oh, oh

Oh, oh ................


Makes the most sense - it's like the only song on the album that "eases" you into the song with a buildup of sorts - then BOOM OH OH!!

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Recent band commentary reports that the new material is going better that expected. We will hear more than 5 songs fromthe new album. I foresee this tour being similar to the ZooTV tour with the majority of the front-half of the show being dominated by new material. I alsothink that many staples (IWF, SBS, ISHFWILF, Bullet, UTEOTW, Fly, Mysterious Ways & maybe even Pride) get shelved this tour.

Fez (PA intro)>
01. No Line On The Horizon
02. Get On Your Boots
03. Magnificent
04. The Unforgettable Fire or One Tree Hill
05. Moment Of Surrender
06. Gone or Last Night On Earth
07. Unknown Caller
08. Stand Up Comedy
09. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
10. White As Snow or Promenade
11. Kite or Heartland
12. Original Of The Species
13. Beautiful Day
14. A Day Without Me or Fire
15. Please or Acrobat or Hawkmoon 269
16. Walk On or Two Hearts Beat As One
17. Elevation
18. Where The Streets Have No Name
(Encore 1)
19. City Of Blinding Lights
20. Breathe
21. Vertigo
(encore 2)
22. Cedars of Lebanon
23. One
24. Love Is Blindness

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mariacm wrote:

Fez could be played as an encore opener, maybe even the second, Larry, Adam and Edge on the stage and Bono singing from the backstage "let me in the sound" and then Magnificent.


I can actually see NLOTH as the show's closer, with the idea

of ending, but not ending...but NLOTH would make a fine

opener, too, as some suggest. Many suggest FEZ -- me

too smile.gif -- but I'm closest in thinking to Mariacm, though still

not the same indifferent.gif :



I'd like FEZ with its atmospheric intro to be the atmospherics

which gets the band onto the stage, with images of ghost

fluttering sheets but everything is mostly dark so you can

only just guess the band is appearing. When Bono begins his

first Moby-like yawp, he can be spotlighted, followed by the

spotlighting of Larry, Adam, and Edge, with the fluttering

sheet images less ghostly, more tangible. You can imagine the

crowd is roaring now, which brings in the bad part -- the entire

song can't support this early energy (they'd have to wear the

audience down into the entire-concert-long rythym, that is

play the song later in, to play it all) so the end of FEZ must be

sacrificed frown.gif for a segue into MAGNIFICENT which can

support this energy happy.gif With the line "African sun at last," the

blowing sheets lift into a very large, very strong sun image.

Bono's next yawp marks the beginning of MAGNIFICENT.

The sun image can stay there strong then slowly fade until,

when Edge really kicks in with his guitar, we move into a bright

lights, big city rendering of the show's real opener. Such is how

I would imagine it -- though I will absolutely accept however

U2 opens a show. I'm a fan from way back wink.gif





Btw, how can I get the U2 360 TOUR hood ornament for my

Volkswagon? I can't find "Automotive" under "Featured

Categories" at the U2.COM SHOP indifferent.gif



(okay, okay embarassed.gif ... I really just want to pimp it on a chain around

my neck at the club pimp.gif )

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