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Ram Bahadur Bomjan

miss major crisis

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miss major crisis wrote:
live audio blog





smile.gif ? If the message board's moderators have some antipathy

towards Buddhism, it is no big thing, but that is probably, in my

thinking, not the case wink.gif The video clip in this thread is visually

beautiful smile.gif, particularly the snow-topped mountains. I look

out upon similar mountains every day, though the visibility of

them is always most striking in the early morning. Some people

I know who have gone into the mountains have been killed, but

that is a thing of man and the men in the mountains they meet.

The mountains themselves are only beauty. I am mostly here to

visit the people I meet and help as I can, but I look forward to

entering these mountains soon and seeing their beauty smile.gif



I viewed your profile and went to your website through the link --

thanks for posting it wink.gif I must assume you are the singer and

so I will tell you I like your voice smile.gif Your voice has a cleaner,

more Sinatra-like quality than the voice of the singer Mark

Lanegan, who is more grumbling, but for some reason it is

Mark Lanegan whom I thought of while listening to you, so

here's a link to him:





peace & cooperation wink.gif




p.s. what is it you admire about this Buddha?






"to be a poet is to condense the world into one cry" glasses.gif


--Florbela Espanca

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miss major crisis wrote:



thank you for your post Sea Islander. I was Florbela in another life.

do you prefer mountains or valleys? wink.gif


I prefer valleys, especially with lush greenery and a

meandering stream wth light rapids so its voice can keep

me company smile.gif�I was in the mountains yesterday. Below

the tree line is gorgeous. The pine trees in these woods

are so different from the ones I've known. I'm used to

sparser needles radiating mostly from the ends of branches.

Here�most of the limb is covered with needles so thick the

limb itself is invisible. Above the treeline is beautiful in a

rugged way with brush covered, rocky terrain.�At the

very top is snow. I will be there at night soon. I think the

stars will be beautiful -- I will see smile.gif��




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you are a poet, you speak like one.
I'm surprised you know about Florbela

have you seen the rest of Ram's videos?
the video I posted here continues.

the people don't seem happy about the coming of Buddha Maitria
there is only 1 Buddha every 2500 years
people should be rejoicing and singing
this is Buddha Maitryea in the fire
birth name Ram Bahadur Bomjan

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I haven't watched every video of the Buddha you posted

yet but I will wink.gif As you tell me more I am understanding

your interest wink.gif I have to go now to a memorial service for

a soldier who unfortunately died two days ago but I hope to

write to you again here on the U2MB later tonight smile.gif If I

can't tonight -- which I realize might be day where you are --



"stay safe tonight" smile.gif

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miss major crisis wrote:

the people don't seem happy about the coming of Buddha Maitria

there is only 1 Buddha every 2500 years

people should be rejoicing and singing

this is Buddha Maitryea in the fire

birth name Ram Bahadur Bomjan





I saw your answer to Kristaps in your "The Secret Is" thread...

So, you were in the "Get on Your Boots Video"? Okay, then,




Dear Miss Sexy Boots happy.gif,


The video is interesting wink.gif I studied under a Korean Tang Soo

Do master for a time and learned some body control techniques

linked to meditation. What I see seems to me a very, that is a

VERY, advance form of this.


People of spiritual power have trouble influencing others in our

world because our world operates so much by way of intellect

which can manipulate the material of our earth, and produce

many material things, and many of those material things can be

beneficial smile.gif But spirit must, that is MUST, guide intellect to, or

at least towards, what is right.


In another thread of the U2MB's General Forum LifeFactory

spoke of feeling optimism towards what intellect's manipulation

of the materials of earth -- eventually materials found in space,

too, if I understood right -- can shape for our use. It was

expressed in the tone of a political leaning even -- I want this

to be my political party too smile.gif But my first thought was of the

greatest governmental concentration of intellect to manipulate

materials in the 20th century: the Manhattan Engineer District.

This taut focus of intellect produced something one could call,

at least in my amazed opinion, alchemic or magical. It does no

good to wish it didn't occur -- but not wanting to be a Debbie

Downer, I didn't post my thought in LifeFactory's thread --

It is now just an amazing point in our technological advance.

Spirit must guide intellect so we don't do great damage to

ourselves. I know that knowing what is right and wrong is the

realm of the soul, and that even know it all intellectuals draw

on it sometimes. So, the Buddha is important as all spiritual

leaders who influence us towards right are important.


These are my thoughts Missy happy.gif Have a good night, or if it

is still day where you are, have a "beautiful day" wink.gif

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miss major crisis wrote:

Did you like the video of Buddha Maitreya in the fire?




It is not just the mind's control of body temperature to resist

the fire I find interesting (though like I said I studied this in a

rudimentary way, and can imagine it the way someone who

barely makes the roster of a high school baseball team might

imagine playing on a World Series Championship baseball

team ohwell.gif ) but the idea it evokes of the fire's animism as a

symbolism for nature's animism. The control of natural forces

to any degree whatsoever would be a miracle. I personally

don't believe in a living animism within non-living things, but

as someone who writes poetry I like the idea of this. Much

of my pleasure in the world is by looking at it in a poetic or

metaphorical way smile.gif


I will look at more of the videos when I have time. I am

interested in the Buddha Maitreya especially because you are

interested in him -- though I would be interested in him

anyway (there is a place I passed in the mountains with similar

colored flags as surround him. I was told by our interpreter

that it is a graveyard. The influence where I am is mainly

Persian; the area where Buddhism predominates is further

to the north). I have to be away from a computer for at

least tonight, maybe longer if our work does not precede

as quickly as planned, but when I can watch more videos

I will ask you more about the Buddha. I am glad you're his

devotee smile.gif



p.s. I hope you don't mind if I kid around with you sometimes tongue.gif

it is because I do like you smile.gif






"into the half-light,

through the flame"

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