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Ram Bahadur Bomjan

miss major crisis

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miss major crisis wrote:



I've watched a second video about the�Buddha and these

are my thoughts...


So far, I see him pursuing a personal religious quest. I think

his quest produces distanc from the people who come to

admire him. Distance can create a mystery and strangeness.

I believe a personal quest has value smile.gif�I�also believe if

someone stops to teach it can slow a progress towards

perfection --�provided he or she has a gift for searching

for the right thing, but that may be a sacrifice an individual

of some enlightenment may make in order to bring others

along.�Do you think he will slow his meditations to teach,

even if this slows his understanding of / union with perfect







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Thank you so much for sharing this video of the mystic boy. It is good for everyone to see that there is a way to live totally detached of the physical, andtotally exist in a spiritual way that is in a higher state of conciousness, that the higher you are the easier it is to be free of all that binds you therebymaking existence much easier, in tune with nature, the earth, the wind, fire, and water, all in energy form. It is good to see the boy show the world what itis like to be detached and free. This is the energy I speak of so often here in zootopia. Energy can bind us to those we love regardless of their physicallocation.

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