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MISSION: Get from Austin to Houston to See U2


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So, I plan to attend my first U2 concert (!!!) with my sister in my hometown of Houston, TX. There's only one problem...we attend the University of Texasat..AUSTIN and the concert will be during the school year and we have no car so we're gonna have to find a ride to Houston to see the magnificence that isU2. There's no way we're missing their concert! My twin sister and I have been U2 fans since the age of 10 and we're not gonna pass up anopportunity to see them live in concert because of school and lack of transportation!! I'm beyond excited! The best part...we have GA tickets so we'regonna be able to see them up close!


My mission is to find us a ride to Houston. As a devoted U2 fan, I will find a way to get there. If anyone out there resides in Austin, TX and plans to attendthe U2 concert in Houston, TX on October 14, 2009, a ride would make my mission a little less impossible..thanks!

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