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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?


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Conversation roller , sit and lets talk about whats going on around you ,
As for me I'm having a kilkenny and beef jerky whilst on here and dont make a fuss but I'm 33 but I dont celebrate birthdays but honestly I think likean old man , feel like a newborn baby wink.gif
So what you up to ? what are you drinking/eating and what do you hope to achieve tonight ?smile.gif

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Beef jerky makes you sleepy? Where did you buy that??


I am (for the record) currently on a Zero Drycan of Grape Fruit ....erm...alcohol. On the downhill run towards the water before a crash. Tokyo shining out the window, cloud reflecting...orange tinted grey, the T.V.is blaring and I have i-tunes on pause with Peter Gabriel 'biko' ready to roll if themoment is right. Chippi is into the T.V., as we both unwind after the week.

The guitar has been banished to the corner. Had a great timelearning Unknown Caller earlier.

The windows are open and I can see that all but 3 of the neighbors have given up, or gone out. Probably out.


That is what's going on around us.


Am I to believe this is your Birthday? If so,

Happy Birthday!


and if not....

Happy Birthday!






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