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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?

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Well have had an ib=nteresting night maybe too much to dring God forgive me but it looks like the msfia took over my brother god help him , ive been drinking bushmills malt and dont know how i got in here which isnt my uasual behavior also been drinking wine , love you and miss you all , 'so whats happening ? bear with me have hardly any light to type




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Of to have my morning coffee to help me wake up!! The copld is a lot better but now very crokey! Asked hubby if it made me sound sexy and he told me no!!! (he could have broken it to me gentley) I stil have a bit to do for big dinner this afternoon but I'm pretty organised so as soon as I get myself off here it's off to work.

Sounds like you're all having a lovely weekend


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[quote name='laugh.giflaugh.gifU2LAWoman wrote:

barbara1 wrote:


']i'm eating a bag of winegums (till i'm sick! it's that
time of the month
, i can't help myself on those days..

there's this live show on our national television, and robbie williams is there! it was a surprise act, they announced it last week; either robbie or a female star (dont remember who but my daughter was wishing it was her..).. women in the audience are goin crazy!

hans just left to drop kids of with his mum, we're both working early shift and after oldest son sneaking out last week to meet his girl, we're not happy leaving them..., besides we have another dinnerparty tomorrow night.. so it's well arranged like this!

good night/morning to all of you, won't be staying to long due to early shift..

Barbara, what are winegums! Sounds interesting....


i expected someone would ask!! they're little 'gums', pieces off candy, rather soft and they come mixed in different colors (the black ones are my favourite taste, so i try to keep them for last..) they have different shapes too and on them the names of liqueurs are stamped (GIN TONIC PORT SHERRY RUM) ... oh dear, now i  took them out again, and i promissed myself to stay away from them today....

 can' help myself!

Wow...there is such a thing??! Haven't heard about these in the US! Good thing... because I'd probably be tempted to go buy myself a bag...(you know..for those days...) wink.gif 

wine gums rule, love 'em.  midget gems are cool too

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Zhivvy....you need to drink lotsa water to lose that sexy croakiness---if ya wanna!


coffee on and in as I wait for the phone to ring. Its been a busy weekend of sick kiddos, even some flown in by helicopter from other states. Hold your kids n watch them well please....Id be happy to stay home.....

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Goodmorning , all , sorry havn't been in much , been busy catching up with sleep and family ..............

Missed you all but knew you would understand :o)

So whats been happening ?


Got radio on:o)

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