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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?


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home after a hectic day. Considering wine, but as soon as I settle in I think the gang will start wanting dinner. Off tomorrow with hub and kids (and the kids of my BFF) and going to the indoor amusement park at the Mall of America which is a big treat for all the kids anyway. Her son and my daughter are 6 months apart, have known each other since they were babies in the same nursery together. Her daughter is 3 years older than my little one who thinks she is the bee's knees...so it will be a good day (tho a bit loud to be sure)

123, sounds like there could be something good afoot. Cute is good as always. Having a spiritual path is good. You don't need to be Ali...a sign I saw in front of a church a few weeks ago said something like "sorry you must be yourself, everyone else is taken." I like that.

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lol zhivvy .........


Bad news first ;

Paul David hewson is married to Ali , im not Ali .....

Hes not in the same faith as me ..........

And I love the fella very much.............

Im sick and scared of being single and lonely..............


Good news ;

Found a potential guy to go out with ,

Hes the same faith as me ,

Hes 44 , so hes a man ,:o)

Hes looking for someone ,

I find him rather cute .

Hes blonde with hazel eyes

and the rest I still have to find out ..........

But hes no Paul hewson , but he can possibly make me forget!


Im just not getting any younger.................

And niether is Paul lol


Got radio on and still hoping for my sleeping time.....


Hope all goes well with new man - he sounds nice. Most of us on here are in love with Bono/Paul but the fact is none of us are married to him ad I doubt our hubands/partners look like him. My husband is the complete opposite of my "type" but I'm still crazy in love with him!

New man sounds rather cute - good luck!! happy.gif

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Well just back from thew Miley concert! And I'm still smiling!happy.gif It was surprisingly good - she put on a good show. the screaming kids weren't too bad. Was impressed with my daughter too - she had earplugs at te start but took them out when she got used to the noise. At first she was a bit in awe of seeing her idol on stage (bit like me when in touching distance of Bono!) But then she was crazy chick: singing, dancing, cheering etc... think we'll be a good match together next summer!

But saying that it was good I am off to pour a glass of wine!

Be back in a bit


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awww, so glad you and your daughter had a super nice time! Does she like taylor swift too?
yes she does, she is a country fan - loves Johnny Cash aswell!
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wow so much going on in here I cant keep up , zhivvy sounds like your all set for u2 concert with daughter!

Now its the waiting that could be agonizing!

And if you were to think negative hopefully you make it to the show we pray , cause anything could happen like a virus or something silly..............


Now on a positive thought , peace pipes are nice relaxing music and for a present i'd love , sailing by Rod stewart played on the peacepipe..............found it on imeem but now gone! :o(


otherwise would have posted it to you ..............

hurry up come to australia , while im still young lol

night girls

sweet dreams ;o)



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wow what a long day ,  finally am home now , took some mints to get rid of wind and now im so tired I want to go top sleep......

Got radio on and dont feel like a drink.......

So whats happening ?

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