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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?

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from me best mates house which I hav'nt seen in 13 years had a good old catch up and some beers , so happy to see her she's the same has'nt changeda bit...

As for my niece Aideen she's beautiful , and sooooo tiny , a real little treasure....

Me I'm on a high , forgot about homework but will still pursue sorryfrown.gif But knows now anyways what are you doing at the moment apart from u2.com....

Been drinking little creatures.

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Twice !!!

embarassed.gif funny at you or at me or Did I get trapped somewhere ???? x

About to have a cup of tea ......( Did she know ????x?

Or more importantly ,,Did he knowembarassed.gif?

Cant help but smile nowglasses.gif

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I tried the energy drink Monster and I liked it , it's not an easy drink to describe but it has a hint of an aniseed taste i think , anyway Im drinking teaat the moment getting ready to go to work at 11 am and yesterday I had a great day shopping with my daughter , then we went to the movies and watched The uglytruth , I laughed so much I was crying...

Any way I should not have watched the movie because It was'nt the best example for my daughter or for anyone but you can never tell what your going tosee...Right now my dog is having a dream , a good one because he looks like hes running in his sleep and hes wagging his tail lol he's so cute ...

Anyway the strangest realization came over me yesterday....and that is im not happy being single and this time when I find someone I know for sure I going tomake sure that im not going to improvise , so he ''has to be '' the same religion as myself , single of coarse , children does'nt matter ,overseas does'nt matter , age does'nt matter but most importantly same faith...This time Im doing things by the book'' the best and rightclean way....

So in conclusion im happy of yesterday overwhelming realization that came over me.....

So no bono ,, lol realmawake can have him ....lol....

Anyway my daughter bought me a nice neck jewelery and I bought myself hair products and an outfit..

Turned out to be a sad but truthful day in some weird way...

until next time........

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for lunch I had a neopoletan crepe its was lovely it was a crepe with neopoletan sauce cheese an olives was so lovely but the effect in my system was strangebecause i had the queerest dreamsfrown.gifwell watching queerest dreams ,, Hmmmwhat did those asians put in my foodmad.gif


Sea islander are you single ? Do you have children ? How old are you ? Or how young are you , lol ?Or is this too many questions?

Dont worry if I was the CIA I woudn't ask .....

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I'm currently reaching for an energy drink to help me think about my next move because we lost our telephone, internet and tv service this morning.

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After last nights sleep and dreaming my daughter woke up in the worst mood , ( bitch from hell) * not really , shes adorable* anyway all under pressure as shealways is giving me a hard time .... what can I do ? <<People suffer when people ''dont believe or Lie'' !!!! ....And dont look at us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Makes life hard and frustrating for us but to those who lie ,, by now you must know ''' Who will deal with you !!!!


Anyway start work at 11 am frown.gif must be done....

Listening to radio and just heard streets.............

Have lovely day and

Ps ; all , if you want to be on my good side tell me its a rainy day , not sunny when it is in fact''a rainy day ..cause your only fooling yourself orwhatever your up to!!!!!!!!!!

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testing 1, 2 testing 1, 2 testing 1 2,3 ''123'' knck knock

or 123 baby steps watch your steps , walk this way....


darn it ,what a mess still


who's gonna clean up ,not me ! Looks up!


not my job , just send my girl to school and thats been done !!!*Looks at selfglasses.gif* So were livin off patience now ,

Achtung baby ........

Left warning now so do you have faith ?


Or how do you think you are standing ????

Not well without law....and wisdom...which is'nt mine??? * looks in binary *


As a theif in the night , good bye......



Have a thoughful day...xxxx

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Left warning now so do you have faith ?


You are all indicted; stand up! Stand up as you would for the Marseillaise or God Save the King....

Dada alone does not smell: it is nothing, nothing, nothing.

It is like your hopes: nothing.

like your paradise: nothing.

like your idols: nothing.

like your politicians: nothing.

like your heroes: nothing.

like your artists: nothing.

like your religions: nothing.

Hiss, shout, kick my teeth in, so what? I shall still tell you that you are half-wits. In three months my friends and Iwill be selling you our pictures for a few francs.

(Manifeste cannibale dada by Francis Picabia, read at the Dada soirée at the Théâtre de la Maison de l'Oeuvre, Paris, 27 March 1920.)




Or how do you think you are standing ????


Art is going to sleep for a new world to be born

"ART"-parrot word-replaced by DADA,

PLESIOSAURUS, or handkerchief


The talent THAT CAN BE LEARNED makes the

poet a druggist TODAY the criticism

of balances no longer challenges with resemblances


Hypertrophic painters hyperaes-

theticized and hypnotized by the hyacinths

of the hypocritical-looking muezzins





Hypodrome of immortal guarantees: there is

no such thing as importance there is no transparence

or appearance



BLIND MEN take the stage


THE SYRINGE is only for my understanding. I write because it is

natural exactly the way I piss the way I'm sick




Art is a PRETENSION warmed by the

TIMIDITY of the urinary basin, the



We are in search of

the force that is direct pure sober

UNIQUE we are in search of NOTHING

we affirm the VITALITY of every IN-



the anti-philosophy of


At this moment I hate the man who whispers

before the intermission-eau de cologne-

sour theatre. THE JOYOUS WIND


If each man says the opposite it is because he is



Get ready for the action of the geyser of our blood

-submarine formation of transchromatic aero-

planes, cellular metals numbered in

the flight of images


above the rules of the

and its control




It is not for the sawed-off imps

who still worship their navel

-Proclamation without Pretension - Tristan Tzara



Not well without law....and wisdom...which is'nt mine???

When I got my first television set, I stopped caring so much about having close relationships.

-Andy Warhol




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?????? Nothings can belong to all religions when religion itself conflicts with others.........Otherwise that is contradictory and even hypocrassy???


All you did was lose megrin.gif

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