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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?

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Hello all,

I have never been kissed by Bono (that will change!!!!) and I still dream of it every night!

I'm having a nice bottle of Scicilian red wine Barbara all by myself as hubby dear has gone to bed (he's working tomorrow) So we can drink our wine together on here!

I also get the comments that I'm on here a lot!!! Me never!!! He doesn't say it in a bad way, he's happy that I have met all these lovely people through here. I think he's jealous that his rugby sites don't have a cool message board like this one does!!

Anyone else joining Barbara and I for a drink?


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Well that is true also... Wine makes me feel sophisticated... Until i listen to this song
love that song vertigoed!!!!!

And yes it goes to my head too, but not as much as champagne or any sparkling wine. Think it has the same effect on barbara as she hasn't been back since she told us she was drinking some!!wink.gif

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