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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?

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And Love conquers all things...

... even more so

when you are the fairy tale.


And so we are..

... how then can we go wrong.?


At the last most final dangerous moment

... only then is love redeemed.



I told you I been watching fairy tales.


and only when she is wakend by Loves first kiss.

etc etc etc




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How was the book ?


I'll have to go soon ,

are you tied' down for the moment or are your strings pretty loose doing their own old knot.lol

I've got my daughter and mum here so im not alone , but they make life tough , God knows why........

Hopefully I get stuck in an elevator or something and have an excuse not to run around everywhere well sorta.......

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woohoo ruby how are you , so glad to see you in you hav'nt been in a while have you ?


What you been up to ?


Whats new ?

Missed ya

and sea' islander miss him too

he must be really busy , guess he dont have a social life to go out and do fun things does he !


seaislander is stationed in Afganistan....he needs our love and prayers

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Oh poor steve hope his ok.....

He needs a new job..


hi all not drinking anything but feel like I might have a cherry drink...........


listening to radio.......

Whats happening ?

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