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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?

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Just sorting out tea and then...

we're all going around Blackpool Illuminations, on a tram.


Sorri about not answering your questions last nite..

... I'd been drinking vodka@my friends house and could hardly see the screen.



See you later when I get back.



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Hi sea , so glad to have heard from you .

I liked your little tune , hope you like my tunes when I do post them................XO


Having a cup of tea and guess what  ? some people can do some pretty amazing things with their tongue lol , I even surprize myself ,and so can I ,easily just didnt want to say * winks *  but personally sheesh wild thoughts ...........

so hows the family ?

whats happening , could it have been anymore exact ?

mums shows me how easy it aches............

I once requested on the radio a song for a special friend , pink floyd wish you were here , wondered if they ever got it.............

wow im all over the place...........

anyway im listening to the radio

and wants to know ya thoughts...............?


ps good is good ..............and I really just wanted to be next to you before that...........

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I have to go now , shopping then work so my thoughts with all of you ............


And sea just in case you missed a tune here,


I know you love it , I do...........

take a walk backwards


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  Having a cup of half-caff coffee with Vanilla, spice-rum, flavored coffee creamer after volunteering for my church and help taking care of my niece and nephew this afternoon.

  After the kids left,  I treated myself to purchasing a new coffee mug where some of the profits goes to the Susan Komen Foundation.

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wink.gifWell I just woke up and listening to radio and wondering if

your awake and in here ?

Where are you up to in book ?

And whats happening , whats your thought if I can ask ?




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