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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?

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I slept from 4pm to 8:20pm and right now, I am making some coffee. I just saw the Unforgetable Fire" intro as I logged into U2. God, how sweet it is to hear Bono sing "In The Name Of Love", AND "So close and so far away". You know, nowdays, I enjoy drinking a cup of tea or coffee in my own space. It is horrible when one's freedom is stolen against one's will. Nowdays, I Realm just want to enjoy life, enjoy living and hearing and feeling Bono and U2. Recently, I mean in the past from to now, I've been feeling an overwhelming feeling of something of huge magnitude getting ready to occur. Its something big, affecting all, like a worldwide happening that gets everyone's attention. While feeling this excitement, it feels as it is something good that is going to happen, why do I say this, Bono. My feeling of overwhelming love for him grows stronger and stronger together with this feeling, like it is an attachment I,Bono, have to this extreme change or news thats coming. All that I know is that I feel this love grown stronger and stronger towards him and with it also grows this good news to the world that is coming. I am just waiting for the news. Its coming. So, having said this, I should also mentioned that in the past 3 days, while feeling this upcoming change, news event happening, worldwide, my spirit has been basically attacked against my wishes. I desire my right to be alone, free and I desire that because I don't care if all is lost in the material sence, but I have to protect my spirit, so, Bono is the only person that I can deal with, that I want to deal with even in this way that I have had to all these years, but sometimes, someone tries to force one to things one does not desire or need. I have Bono as a special guide, a trueth leading light, he takes me to where my soul desires to be.


Realm needs to be alone with her children and Realm feels enough love to be happy alone with them. Realm does not want a spiritual relationship of the down to earth love kind because she is happy with herself and what she feels but maybe people don't understand that one cannot force love upon anyone. As far as I am concerned my heart has its owner and I rather live alone if I cannot have he that dwells inside me. One must be complete with a person, mind, body and spirit, well, I can only be physically not the other two, so I decided that I truly am much happier alone. My spirit is being fed, it holds what it needs for physically, spiritual and mental wholeness from someone who does have the qualities and the love and spiritual kind of awareness that can help me grow into a higher state of conciousness and higher spiritual state towards my goals. So, he is all that my soul requires. Its horrible when people want to force one to accept things that one does not desire all. To connect to the whole provides wholeness to the soul and a no doubt kind of security and also the ability to Love anyone from far distances just as if they were with you physically. Little Ram budha understands what I mean. I think I want to be alone till my children go out on their own after 18 and I want to enjoy my existence, enjoy the love I feel, the  blessing of being able to live unattached to the things of this physically world, I mean having material things, but not being attached to them, I came naked, I shall go naked unless someone dresses me with "Flowers", thats how Realm wishes to have her physical body put away to rest. The only thing that Realm wants more than anything is to see and Meet Mr. Paul David Hewsen of the 21st century aka, The Prince of the past century, aka, Bono of U2. The Man that dwells within Realm.

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well bye all

you know where you stand with me ,

im tired of chatting with a screen ,

im sick of it all.

I go too far .......

for what ?

I've done what I needed to do ,

the rest is your decision now ,

Im leaving thers no need for this........




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