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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?

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Hi illum ,

Me im about to have a tea , mauritian pure vanilla tea , mmmmmmm

got music on and about to leave and probably start getting ready for work or something.........

Hope your well and happy...........


Ps , dont stress.

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  right now I'm having a glass of port after doing about 4 loads of laundry, ironing 3-5 work uniforms and wrapping my Father's Birthday present.

  Today's his birthday so I got him an "Old Spice" gift pack and a card which plays the them to "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" since my dad really loves old western films.

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who've thought of me frown.gif"> (we



so here's a song for 123Love, Rubymoon, Xtraspicy62 --

and mariabella, and mariacm, and miss major crisis, too...






Seriously sending you love every day...asking all my friends to say a prayer for ur safety....lifting u up...elevating you!

thanks 4 the beautiful song. Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love us all the time....putting ur life on the line!

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Morning all ,

listening to radio ,

had my special tea , you should get hold of some its called ''bois cheri vanille tea'' , ''mauritius tea

very nice........good for the heart , vanilla is...........


Im happy but im sad...........

but ill be ok I think ,

trying to be good.......

Still me deep down inside , but adhering to wise rules.........

Hope your all ok .........

Heard u2 on radio yesterday morning thought about the clip and u2 and the red campaign ,

with or without you .........lovely song , so true the song sometimes...............


Bye all

Hugs and kisses


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Awe poor kitties , that was like when my dog got his id tag , as soon as they let him go , he ran right through the vet staight to me and jump on my lap , just like scooby would do when he seen a ghost .lol


Well me I had the day off yesterday so today its an early start for me today ......

About to have a tea

and , yep listening to the radio..............


Is everyone ok ?



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Really tired now , going to turn radio on and go to sleep with radio ;)

Not drinking anything ,

love you all but dont complain to me cause it ricoshays up , its not my rule its binary............

but anyway love unwhiners..



at moment thinking of Bad-u2






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