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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?

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It was good, Been watching my caughter's swim class tonight. She's not the bestof swimmers but she's becoming more confident in the water which is the most important thing.

Have a deli pizza and some rose wine for later but now I need to get back to cleaning the rabbit's litter tray and putting my daughter to bed.

Have a good evening/day wherever you are


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Hey zhivvy , swimming lessons are really good , i made my daughter do them because her dad has a boat..............

Good morning or goodnight to everyone ,

had a good sleep but dreamt of my ex lol we were splitting up but he diidnt want to and i was dating bono on the internet and didnt want to hook up back with my ex ............. where the hell do these strange dreams come from!~lmao


Listening to radio and going to make a tea for myself............

Dont know if ive got much work today and my mum is going to catch up with her mates to ask some question over me............valuating me lol.......

Me im really hungry cause i fell asleep without eating dinner.......lol

So whats happening ?

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