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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?


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feel like having a beer but the house is cold and it would only give me the chills , so think im just going to have a cup of tea.

Listening to radio hopefully plays some good music..

Need some serious airplay...

Anyway Im enjoying all the new zootopians signing up all the time , nice to see more opinions wish they'd post more often , cause its nice to catch , youcould say virgin views..


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Guess its true you can look but eat at home....
Although I think when you've got food no need to look....
frown.gifDont have a home , yet...
X is gone...
Nice day to you xo
maybe my sunnies are too masculine or something....

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water - healthy

beer - mmmmmm

thanks -(((illum)))


Drinking nothing at the moment , just have to say the smile on my mums face this morning was priceless...

So I think I get to go out tonightwink.gif All by my self smile.gif sounds funny I know but anyway I pretty sure I got permission to shine tonightso im gonna stay home and shine all by myself wink.gif Dont want to cause anyslipups....So I guess i'll walk out that door just to walk back in again lol... Yes I must be c-razy lol...

So I want to know what you think...


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