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Should there have been two EPs in 2009?


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I am expecting to get slammed by people for suggeting this but.... U2 have mentioned they have enough material to release another album/EP by the end of 2009.


On this basis, I'm starting to think would it have been more palatable for two EPs to be released by U2 in 2009?


I dunno but I kinda see it as the following:


Fez-Being Born

No Line on the Horizon (alternative version)


Get on Your Boots

Unknown Caller

Stand Up Caller


Cedars of Lebanon


Then for the second EP:


Crazy Tonight

Moment of Surrender

Every Breaking Wave


(and whatever gems out of the supposedly 50 or so songs the band have supposedely crafted out of these sessions). Plus the obvious DVD live video that will bepromoted for the 360 degree tour before Christmas.


I have to admit that while I think Moment of Surrender and Crazy Tonight are good songs, they don't "gel" with the rest of NLOTH and i think theylet the album down - only because they are so different compared to the rest of the material. I think Crazy Tonight could have been reserved for the singlefor the Best of 2000-2010 album (similar to Sweetest Thing - if the band wanted to repeat themselves) and maybe Moment of Surrender could have been used for afilm or the latter EP this year (as previously suggested).


Open for dicusssion....


Just my thoughts - I don't want to start a shitt fight...

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I kind of agree w/ you, but not on the choice of songs. I feel the songs that "do not fit" are Boots, Crazy, and Stand Up, and then include Winter.It would have been a 9 track album... but Boots et al could have been released as stand alone singles (maybe including a download code on the 360º tour tix)then release the Ascent songs next year before the next leg, and repeat the process w/ singles for the odd song that didn't make the cut.



the other thing that code would do is reward the fan for buying a concert experience.... and make up for Paul McGuinness pointing fingers and shaking his head.

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