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North Bowman

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Haven't been here in a while so forgive me if we already have a thread like this. In regard of the tour starting in a couple of minutes I wondered if wehave fans reporting the setlists for us in realtime? I know not everyone will know in advance but lots of us wanna know...me included. All others could stayaway of these threads...no doubt. It always should be someone who has a seat because I think it would make it easier rather than being in a up and down jumpingcrowd. It also should be someone local because wireless Internet surfing could cost a fortune if you're in a foreign country. Maybe we could create a listin here where we can add our names to the shows we like and want to report. You should have a "dangerous device" like an iPhone or something similarthat is able to get in here while being in a stadium...and of course you should have a seat. As for myself I would gladly report from Berlin...the only localshow I'm going to. I have a seat for this show and am able to get in here while watching the show. So...if you like to report to one of this years show addyour name and city plus show number to the list below. Hopefully someone whos there tonight will read this and will report. The List: Berlin - Bowman ...andthe fun starts again....tonight.....in Barcelona!!!

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