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I am the Party Girl:) First hand description!


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Hey all, specially my friends in the Bono forum and in the general forum who are waiting for this description of events:)

Okay so here it goes.

I lined up for many many hours in Barcelona. It was kind of a beach party in the line. Security let us in sometime after five, The band had rehearseElectrical Storm so the adrenaline level was high. The Door opened and I ran like crazy (Not used to it, since both in the US and Australia this is notallowed) 1min 40 sec SPRINT to the front row (this was a killer, U2 people said that this was the longest run of the tour... THANK GOD!) Secured front rowcenter with my two Aussie friends. EVERYONE around was people we lined up with so we were all very at easy and happy. Show starts!!!!!!!!! OMG I enjoy everybit of it and During Beautiful Day it becomes even more special for me. Bono comes right in front and Spots me, it's kind of hard not to when I'm anamazon and I'm jumping like crazy:) When he sees me he points at me and says "Melissa" (PLEASE I AM LOOKING FOR A VIDEO OR AUDIO OF THIS SONG,HELP) I almost faint of excitement and my people around can't help it but get exited too:)

Party girl time! Bono comes by and as can be overheard says the song is for me and starts telling the crowd that I picked him up before, he mentioned thatit was in Buenos Aires, but I point at an Aussie flag my friends have and he then says Australia. Massive confusion about my nationality arises :) since peoplethink I am either of these two nationalities, when in fact I was Born in VENEZUELA, Both parents are form the Canary Islands and I live in Barcelona at themoment.

At that point hi calls me up. When this happens everything is soooo fast that there is NO time to really take in what's going on. I look over at hisbody guard who signals for me to turn around and I am pulled up over the barrier. A small stair is set up and I go up to the stage. I stand in the middlefacing Bono and he calls me over says to sit down on the drum kit circle, which at that time starts to turn (he had told Larry to turn around to see what wasgonna happen) but at that moment he did not plan for the thing to turn and take me to the opposite side of the stage. He says he would like for me to pick himup and carry him. I smile and signal that I am moving we both laugh and he hands over the bottle of champagne he had asked for. he starts to sing. I am SATbehind Larry, I look towards the back/right side and there is Adam saying hi, and off he goes to play. I then look behind me and there is Larry, SOOOO CLOSEEE,SOOO HARD not too stretch my hand and just run it down his back:). I take a quick peek at what is behind the drum kit ...top secret info;) I Sing along withBono and just take in all the crowd around me. Bono comes "to visit" takes a look at me asks for two glasses to the crew. Goes to the front again.Comes to visit one more time opens the bottle, and calls me over we have a chat he says "you can pick me up again.... if you want" ha ha how cute ishe? Off we go to the front area, I put my arm around him and he puts his around my neck. Ready set, up up up. Got him in my arms, look to the front and Adam isright there just staring at the crazy sight, we crack up laughing at the funny moment. Bono says to take him to the Mic, YES ha ha the man makes me take himthere:) I have an awesome pic that I found where he is just in my arms holding the bottle of champagne and pointing the way... he looks so comfortable andfresh:) I can't stop looking at Adam's face and smile, he then realises he is in the way and runs back. I take the steps to the microphone 10 seconds:)(legs shaking a bit at this point I'm not gonna lie) I lowered him by the mic, the security guys hands him the bottle and I get the cups. Singing on hispart starts. I move around a bit and TRY to take in the fantastic sight of thousands of people just there at these men's feet. CAN'T REALLY PROCESSTHAT SPECIFIC MOMENT so my memories of how the crowd looked are hazy. He pours the champagne, I am there on stage with the boys holding a cup with champagnecelebrating the start of the tour and is simply overwhelming. Bono kissed my hand and walked me to the stairs, we said thank you to each other and down I went.:) that's the a peek into my excitement and the description of events, I was there representing all the U2 women who love the music, the show and theboys:) I feel quite privileged to have been there (one of teh BEST U2 shows I have seen) and done that !!!
I am looking for all and any photo/video of that moment!!!

P.S.oh and yeah I am not the girl that ran up on stage uninvited during ultraviolet. There seems to be a bit of a confusion.

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