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U2 Milano July 7th and 8th


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Hi all!!


So anyone going to be at the Milano shows?


I will be at show #4 on Wednesday... CAN'T WAIT!!!! I'm dying to know what the setlist is going to be! I'm hoping for Sometimes, Kite and some POPstuff like Mofo or Last Night on Earth, Ultraviolet and Unforgettable Fire are already in there (hope they stay!)... Mysterious ways would be good too!We'll see how much it gets mixed up from the Barcelona shows!! happy.gifhappy.gifglasses.gif


I've heard the Italian crowd is awesome at U2 shows, so let's hope it's true!! wink.gif

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The following announcement concerns MILANO shows


Voices are that people might try to organize and control queue for GA in the name of U2place

Be advised that NOONE has been authorized to do so neither in the name of the site nor even by security or police


Please get as many info as you can if it happens and report it here


I know it might be late but please help us to keep the good name of the placers


Thank you and enjoy the shows

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