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imagethis topic to let everybody know what happened in both shows in Paris andespecially the first night :

Entrance in the stadium was horrible for a lot of people who were waiting from friday evening or saturday early morning.

There were gates from A to Z to enter and each tickets has specific gate written on it. A lot of fan who bought the GA tickets from presale had the H gate

In the middle of the morning the security team from the stade de france ask everybody from the H gate to go queuing in an another gate and so all the fansloose their place in the queue.

This was the same thing with other gates..........

You can imagine what happened then, people were almost fighting.

There were no fences anywhere, fans just had to try to organise themselve. this is possible but without the problems of hundred of persons running from gatesto gates

After that, all the gates did not openned in the same time but half an hour after. so the people arrived at 5 6 8 in the morning entered in the stadium and theinner circle was full and the other part of the GA admission almost full....

How can that be possible??????

And last but not least, hundred of fans who bought best category tickets did not find their place : the seats had been removed for security reasons !!!!!!!!the deal, then, was, worse seats or leaving the stadium with security team very agressive and unfriendly !!!!!

Who is responsible LIVENATION, STADE DE FRANCE, TOUR MANAGER??? Don't know. But my opinion is that I HAVE TO TELL EVERYBODY WHAT AN HORRIBLE MESS IT WAS!!!!!!image

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