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Very Ambitious Album


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Easily their most ambitious album ever. Multilayered musically and emotionally. Nothing could be considered radio friendly beyond Boots. And yet, Bono is in

superb voice, hitting notes with such clarity I have not heard since Joshua Tree. The Edge morphs his sound to a degree not heard since POP. Easily the best

engineered album since Achtung Baby. Bono's vocal treatment is outstanding. The supporting background vocals, surely a combination of Brian Eno, Daniel

Lanois, Edge, and possibly someone else, combine for extremely rich blends. How this will translate to a live stage remains to be heard. I hear ounces of David

Bowie-ness, 70's glam rock influences, ounces of Window in Your Skies, Achtung Baby B-side riffs, pieces that did not get fully developed then but have

risen and become fully developed now. The songs in your head are now on my mind. Great line. My only wish would have been for a different word than

Magnificient. My other wish, distortion and grit thrown in now and again. I could have used more dirt. These songs are so ambitious, I'm surprised there

isn't more dirt thrown in. An irritant is the only ingredient missing from this well thought out offering. But thats what live concerts are for:

Magnificient, Breath, Stand Up Comedy, Boots, easily stand out. Forget what you grew accustomed to from Atomic Bomb, this album is everything you can't

leave behind. U2 blow it up, in a great way!

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I triple endorse everything you have said here. And I also wrestled for a bit with the the choice of magnify as the resolution of this album'slove-anthem, but have since reconciled myself to it. It felt so tame upon first listening--not quite as fiery and passionate, but then I decided on thecompromise of imagining a magnification so intense, it starts a fire! And this worked very nicely for me :)


And regarding dirt....grit...yes, this is a mellower album, but not devoid of darkness, I do not think. But it is not as angry-- the sentiments are morerefined than in earlier works, which is to be expected--at least one would hope, and in my opinion is a mark of conceptual evolution and gathering wisdom. Ofcourse, we all hear this stuff differently depending on where we are at in our own lives. I don't think the grit is gone, and may resurface again infull-force at some point, but with more polished edges, perhaps. Maybe a magnification of the sharp edges of gritty polished glass.... (blah blah...myimagery kidnapped me for a sec! ) laugh.gif


I appreciate the album so much; so glad you do too!

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...and I must say, this new album is far more interesting. The energy is outstanding. Dare I say the last two albums seem boring compared to this?? Maybe their

most interesting since Achtung when we were all wondering what they were trying to say now. How are they feeling as a band. Anyone wish for backup singers on

stage during a concert??? How mind blowing would that be? A full time keyboardist? Or will they be hidden away below the stage? :) -scott

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