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Bono in the Bruno Movie


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Sorry if I've posted this twice. Didn't mean to do that.


July 16/09


Dear U2, Fellow Members & Visitors,


I don't this if this post will remain, as it will be critical of Bono, but I'm going to try to put this as respectfully as I can.


I'm extremely disappointed that Bono has decided to participate in the new Bruno movie. Over the years, Bono has earned the right to speak to me and Ilisten because of his music, actions and words. I have to be brutally honest and say that his appearance and participation in this movie, which is so degradingin so many ways (the movie), has adversely affected that right for me and I must admit that I have lost trust (I hate to say this as I don't even know ifit's good) & respect for Bono. I don't know what you were thinking, Bono? It seems like you shot yourself in the foot. Did you not know what youwere participating in? I would find that hard to believe as you are such an intelligent man and are surely basically aware of the impact of your actions. Whyalienate so many good people? If you were frustrated over the issue you address and that's why you were involved, I wish you had found a better way to sayit. The axiom that all publicity is good publicity certainly isn't true for me. I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way. Bono, this postmay leave so quickly, but honestly, I have to say, and this is without malice, please believe me, but I've always thought you were a believer, even when Ibecame one in '84 when War was so big & so personal to me. Perhaps I've always been wrong as I don't see the fruit here. I truly thank you forall of your work, both musically and in the world (understatement). I'm just flummoxed. Surely this movie may make an impression upon those in positions ofleadership as well. I don't get it. What were you trying to accomplish? I wish I knew how you felt about the finished product and I'm sure you had yourreasons, but I probably will never know. I do wish you all the best in the future though, man.





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