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Berlin 18.07.2009 - I´m searching for someone...


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Hi everybody,


I´m very sorry to interupt you all here, and I´m not sure if this is the right place for it, but I will just try!


The reason I´m here is:


I am looking for somebody, maybe YOU - the guy I talked to at the U2 concert in Berlin on July 18th... I was there with my friend, we were standing left of theplace where you could buy drinks, almost in the back of the stadium.


I am the girl (dark hair, black pants, red pullover) you asked for a cigarette, and we talked a bit after that. You were with a friend as well, you told methat you are from Italy, and that you have already been to Barcelona and Milano shows, and that it was your first time ever in Berlin. You showed me a veryclose up picture of Bono that you had taken in Milano, and also which song was coming up next icon_smile.gif (it was Ultraviolet).


Unfortunately, I didn´t ask for your name or anything else, although it was very nice talking to you...


I wanted to stay a bit longer after the show and maybe talk a bit more icon_wink.gif , but my friend wanted to leave fastly in order to get a train back soon icon_sad.gif


I would be more than happy if you read this and we could get in contact again!



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