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Top 5 Rock Bands of All Time??

Scott Montes

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It is unbelievable that U2 has stayed together, and put out relevant music for 30 years. Something no other Rock Band has ever done. This brings up thediscussion, where do they rank all time?? Are they the greatest "Rock Band" of all time?? Rank your "5 greatest Rock Bands of all time??"

1) U2 (30 years of killer/relevant music, gotta be #1)
2) The Beattles (Abbey Road might be the greatest album of all time)
3) Led Zepellin (If only they could have stayed together/alive)
4) Queen (I think these guys were way underrated!)
5) The Doors (Morrison was brilliant)

Sorry "Stones"...I have to leave you off the list...I have none of your CDs...and you haven't put out anything memorable in almost 20 years...Iwould put them #6 out of respect

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I think it's hard to categorise U2 purely as rock as they have diversified into different genres throughout their career. I'd consider them to be morea pop band at the moment. I guess you could say their spirit has remained somewhat grounded in their punk rock roots though.


I think it's misguided to solely look at a band's longevity in terms of whether they're one of the greatest of all time (e.g. I do not consider TheStones to be in my top 5 or even top 10).


I think a band's influence on rock/pop culture and the sound development of other bands is a better measure.


I would place The Beatles at #1 simply because they still have such a massive influence of everyone now even though they were only together for about a decade(but pumped out 12 albums in that short time!).


2. Queen (the best experimental, glam rock band of all time in my opinion)

3. Led Zepplin

4. Pink Floyd

5. U2 (you can hear the influence of the above 4 bands on NLOTH)


(6. Radiohead

7. Nirvana

8. AC/DC

9. The Clash

10. Metallica)

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Very difficult list to make as it differs to each person what ciriteria you think is important.

I would list them as such:


1. The Beatles - their hitvalue and influence on the music world cannot be matched by any band

2. Queen - many hits and simpy the best live band (and frontman) that has ever been. They proved that at Live Aid.

3. Pink Floyd - Sold quazillion albums, invented concept albums, have had the biggest and most amazing stadium tours. And just awesome music. Dark Side Of TheMoon is my alltime favourite if I had to choose.

4. U2 - last to come out of the 'bigger then life rockband' era. Have remained musically relevant for very long time and have had the most inventivetours.

5. The Rolling Stones - Although just sailing on past glory for long time now, their influence cannot be denied either and have remained relevant for long timeaswell. The have been around since early 60's.


Honourable mentions: The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Eagles, Supertramp, The Police, Oasis, Coldplay, Metallica, Radiohead.

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