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If you were to work for U2, what would be your job?

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A personal music critic for the band ... sitting in on recording sessions, seeing them rehearse songs, trying new songs out... and giving the thumbs up or thumbs down.


Work wouldn't be work though... this wouldn't be a job. It would be a joy.

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I'd be quality assurance and control!


I'd investigate the CD re-subscription and freebies department, I'd set-up a thread to solicit comments and feedback on what fans wanted, collate the data and propose some choices to vote, the winning vote CD is the one issued. Then at Christmas I'd make sure that members got some kind of seasonal gift like an exclusive U2 Xmas message or recording to download.


I'd audit the U2.com stores to ensure what they say they're doing is what they really are doing (inc. stock control large qtys of free stuff e.g. CD wallets and resub CDs e.g. ZOO-TV gets sold on ebay when some fans didn't receive them), I'd solicit customer feedback so that store could be continuously improved, I'd consider putting a presentation together to Principal Management on the advantages of having a basic quality management system to satisfy their customers (including the fans), I'd sack off the face less wonders behind this place (baja and bigwave excluded they seem alright)and 'employ' fans who are passionate about their band and get them to gather/ to write features and articles and send them off to interview the band and other key people or do it remotely, set-up a fanzine section with @U2 and other sites they now what they're doing and U2 fans like it - bring them to the party, revamp the membership packages into what the fans want (there's so many great suggestions around here), I'd get my arse down to the manufacturing plant and do a first off inspection on limited run merchandise (e.g. artifical horizon vinyl) that people pay good money for that are faulty and in-process sampling to ensure quality is maintained so that my customers were satisfied - if the supplier can't deliver find one that can.


I'd listen to what the paying customers and dissatisfied people who have left are saying about the fan club/ this site collate the feedback and feed this into the big Mac's management review and quite forcefully demand change.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc


Plenty of other things could be done which quite frankly cost little or nothing

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