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Music for the times???


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Someone posted a review from the Boston Herald here a few days ago. The piece alluded to the new album as somber music for somber times, linking it to theObama presidency, and using words like "fear" and "menace" as it wrote of musical "hope."


I did not personally get caught up in all of the Obama hype, which is not to say I am not very pleased he is in office (I am), but the gloominess andcomplexity of the horizon seemed to disappear unnaturally during that campaign, which bugged me a bit-- a little too much of the "wishful thinking"syndrome going on for my tastes. But....!!!!


Despite what is going on in the world (and I am heartbroken and bankrupt, personally), I am still very excited about this album and think that--especiallynow--even amidst the somber quiet and reflection, there is still a great NEED for some fun and playfulness! Otherwise we are surely doomed.


What do you guys think? What type of tour-mood are you up for?

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