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Do you have any true stories from the rock and roll road?


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Here's my story, when I was working the perimeter area for the Eugene, Oregon show on the Pop Mart Tour and it was near the end of my shift.

I was counting the tickets with my coworkers when I struck-up a conversation with one of the tour's bus drivers (an American) who resembled a young, AdamClayton.

When it was time for my crew and I to get on the bus for the 4 hour trip back to Seattle, he went up to me and said he could arrange for me to travel withhim to the next show, see the show and he'd put me on a greyhound back to Seattle.

At first I had thought "WOW, a dream come true!!", but my gut feeling (something I always follow) told me to talk it over with a coworker who I sawas a big-brother type.

When I spoke to him, he advised me not to do it because he got a wierd gut feeling about the deal and I told the roadie/bus driver "no deal" then Iboarded the bus to return home.

I will admit there are times where I could kick myself for not taking the chance, but in my heart I believe things turned out for the better.

I know this will sound silly but if something would've happened to me if I had taken the offer, I doubt if U2 would have wanted the negative publicitywhich could've resulted from the incident.

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You were absolutly right to trust your gut. Science has shown that we humans have that "gut reaction" for survival purposes, and its hard wired intous. Trusting your gut is instinctual survival.


Add to your gut was someone elses wierd vibe! so if others are picking up on it, than you were right on target.

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Met Rocco Ready (u2's stage manager) checking into the Hilton Village during the last show of Vertigo in Hawaii....


It was 6 am, just got in from my red-eye flight from LA, still drunk from the flight in and as I was checking in, so was Rocco (his band was opening for PearlJam and U2)....I said, "Rocco, you ready to Rock?" (Stupid stuff I say) and he replied, "Yes. Of Course. Enjoy the show". Gave me a thumbsup and walked away, shaking his head.....


Prob thinking, "Jesus, our fans are already hitting the Mai Tai's".....


Anyways, thats all I have....better then nothing....Stage Manager....Jesus.....I need to get better at this touring stuff....LOL



He was very cool and it was a very good, solid show...and how can you beat Pearl Jam as opening band? Hawaii Vertigo was great and glad I went....

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Yes, it happens a lot just like that. thanks for sharing.

Some great tales from the "Life" can be found in


Slash-by Slash

Clapton-by Clapton

Scar Tissue by Kliedis of the Red Hot Chillie Peppers

Losing It by Valerie Bertinelli (Regarding her life with Eddie Van Halen)

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Met Glasvegas the Saturday before last. They were on our flight home from Dublin to Philadelphia. I showed them pictures I had taken of them on the videoscreens when they opened for U2 the night before. They told me they didn't even know they were going to be up on the screens. James(lead singer) also wastelling me about how they never got a chance to soundcheck...it was pretty much, walk on and play that night and he was quite nervous. He and the drummer werevery nice. We were going through customs and these two cops that are just milling about came over and started questioning one of them...several of themdefinitely stuck out in the crowd in a rock n roll kinda way and the cops were definitely profiling based on that.

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