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Urban Legend? - U2 influenced by SODA STEREO


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Hello U2'ers....


This is my very first post here at the forum; this is the issue/question:


I'm a big fan of the great band from Argentina SODA STEREO: www.sodastereo.com


There is a rumor; it says tha when U2 was at the soundcheck in one of the concerts in Mexico City in 1992, the people there was playing the CD called DYNAMO[1992] from SODA STEREO. Supposedly, BONO was impacted by this cd and rumor has it that he asked for the CD.


After this, the rumor grew, and "apparently", ZOOROPA is "copy" of DYNAMO [of course, I don't believe that]


I recently read a note from Argentina that says that BONO admitted that DYNAMO was a big influence for ZOOROPA.


have any of you heard about this?


Have any of you [not spanish speaking U2 fans] heard about SODA STEREO?


These are the songs from DYNAMO:


Secuencia Inicial = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it2RLJZTJA0

Toma la ruta =

En Remolinos =

Primavera 0 =

Camaleón =

Luna Roja =

Sweet Sahumerio =

Ameba = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AytfYVpOn8I

Nuestra Fe = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIh9aNFuBlA

Claroscuro = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bpEVZYZLis

Fue =

Texturas = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGN8gan6-9Y



Thanks in advance!!!!



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I think you are from Argentina, but I write in english for everybdy understand !!!! Como estas amigo ?


I don't know about if they were influenced, but I love SODA and it's a pitty they are not togheter anymore as a band. I always thought that there weresimilitudes between the two bands in terms of the sound, the musica.


Maybe you are right, we must ask Bono to clarify this !!!!!!!!!!

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No, I'm not from ARG ... I'm from MEXICO!!!


The reason I created this post is becuase I've read recently that BONO himself "said" that DYNAMO was a big influence for ZOOROPA .... which Idon't believe.


I don't recall U2 speaking about SODA STEREO at all indifferent.gifindifferent.gif

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Wow, I've never heard something like that before

but its true you can hear some similitudes in each others music

I could really believe this.


But maybe you can't really tell cuz neither U2 or Soda are like coldplay

shouting out their influences and who's their biggest idol heheh.

Maybe they're affraid someone says "You copied that"

(people like to make those accusations)

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i've heard about this in the past, i don't know if that's truth or not... but i wouldn't be surprised about Bono listening to Soda Stereo...why not? they were (and are) the best spanish rock band
and Dynamo is a GREAT album... my favourite along with the SuenoStereo, i'm NOT comparing but Dynamo is like the Zooropa for U2... and i will have tomention the Colores Santos which is the previous work from Cerati (and Melero) which is the reason why the Dynamo was made
Cerati is just magnificent... the greatest, why would you be surprised about this?

once i heard Cerati saying that U2, Depeche Mode, Radiohead and himself were the ones producing quality, new sounds and new music... and i totally believehim!!!

looking forward to listen the new album - Fuerza Natural!

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Ahh primavera cero...my favorite!

Gustavo cerati only updates his myspace with pictures, no music at all!

I can only expect a master piece from him, after all he's "El maestro"


(And yup Soda have always been pretty huge)

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  • 1 month later...

Thank you all for the responses.


I opened this discussion because some SODA fans "swear" that BONO has admitted listening to the DYNAMO CD and had some influence from it for ZOOROPA.


Has anyone [no SODA listener] known about this before?

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