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What do you think about No Line On The Horizon ?

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redcloud wrote:

. . . this is truly a great album of atmospheric sound.


Thank you U2 for making such a delicious work. I was ignoring the hype until I could hear it for myself (today) and I am just floored. It blows out the last two albums. I am enJOYing being taken into the sound . . . Bono seems more relaxed and able to insert his voice without grabbing the mic away so to speak. LOVE the guitar work! The Eno soundscape is very cool!



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At first listen, this sounded as experimental as Zooropa and Achtung to me. I admit that the stellar five-star Rolling Stone review helped that perspective.


Frankly, in the weeks leading up to the release I was reminiscing about how I had Atomic Bomb on constant repeat at home, at work, the car, and iPod, but haddecided that I don't like it as a lasting album as much as I like the older ones.


Tonight after I purchased and listened to No Line a few times, as I was reading through this board I put Bomb back on and all these memories of that time cameflooding back to me - a really great side-effect of this band and their music.


That said, No Line is a slow grower for me. The lyrics aren't that grabbing at first but as I digest and interpret them they get stronger. "She'sa rainbow and she loves the peaceful life..." may be one of my most favorite opening lines ever.

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I'm not the first to say this, but I think NLOTH is better than ATYCLB & HTDAAB. I've also noticed that I have overlooked and under listened to NoLine on the Horizon, the song. It's really a good song, the harmonies of all of em, all of it's sound and the sweet lyrics and the way Bono is usinghis voice, I love the other version of this song too.


What do yanno, I take of the wrapper off the cd and the equal sign comes off..lol


Also on the back of the CD, Larry is holding a cane?


I was looking for the vinyl, but couldn't find it.


$9.99 a sweet price for a whole lot! A satisfied customer indeed!

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I drank a bottle and a half of wine and listened to the album...ah about 15 times from start to finish and got the shivers up my spine and teared up duringMagnificent and Moment of Surrender...it was a wonderful night with the boys, I can already hear the crowd singing every word of these songs in particularMagnificent...MOS, Stand up Comedy and Breathe...love it love, I love them!!!


I am driving my husband mad as he doesn't share my insane passion for this band!!!


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I think I like it better than ATYCLB and Atomic Bomb. Those were very accessible albums filled with some anthems and a lot of hooks. I liked them. I thoughtthey were good albums.


But, I like the atmosphere of this one. I like how dense it is. I like the experimentation. It feels like a return to Achtung and Zooropa. I like theintrospective and reflective lyrics a lot. I still don't like "Get on Your Boots" and I don't think it really fits with the rest of thealbum. I find that it always takes me a few listens to really get into a U2 album. Well, with the streaming for a week or so, and now the actual disc today, Ithink I have heard this album about 15 times. I really like it. I am liking "Breathe" and "Moment of Surrender" the best, as of now.

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1-5 stars on each song...


Magnificant 4 1/2 stars A


Unknown Caller 4 1/2 stars A- B- for concept...


Get on Your Boots B+



Fez 2 1/2 stars C


Cedars of Lebanon 3 1/2 stars B-


White as Snow 2 1/2 C folk music??? eh...


No Line song 2 1/2 stars C


Breathe B+


Stand Up Comedy B



Moment of Surrender C-





I'll Go Crazy if I dont go Crazy Tonight A-


No Line B side C





Compared to Vertigo/Bmb...A


and Behind...5 stars overall A

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