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well...this one was lost in verti-space today...lol

bebe's a bit cranky.....sleeping now , I bought her some crazy socks.

Did I mention that my very pregnant friend zsuzsi who was over for coffee last week had a boy last night?


I had one of those "just when you think the situation can't get any more embarassing "moments....that got even more embarassing lol

We have a baby-mommy expat playgroup on wednesday.....I hate the expat crowd generally,(they are all oh so full of themselves most of the time, for all thewrong reasons), but someone suggested it might "do me good to vent out with other mommies"...lol

I'm afraid I'll end up needing to vent out those other mommies as well :DDD

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I got asked out on a date today in PM. lol...( the security on this site is awesome!) and she said just wants to be friends, no heavy relationship and maybe wecould get together and enjoy each others company hahahahaha


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