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Gavin Friday

Gary Sabo

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hello fellows!

how many of you have heard Gavin Friday's albums?

i have the Shag Tobacco & Adam ´N´ Eve albums... i never thought that they were that good... great songs on those albums, about the first one... ihaven't listened to it... just some samples... not very interested in that album though

my question is... if you like Gavin Friday as much as i do... wouldn't you like to hear some new material?... he has been absent for a while now andi'm afraid (correct me if i'm wrong) that is because he never had much success, but even though i really think he's a great musician and MauriceSeezer as well... i hope we could have a full/new album from him in the near future... but i really have my doubts... what do you think?... smokin.gif

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