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I just checked Hampden stadium's own web page and it says:

Please allow sufficient time for your journey and stadium entry.



Please note that the following timings are approximate and subject to change.


Tuesday 18th August 2009

Doors Open 17:00

The Hours 18:00

Glasvegas 18:45

U2 20:15


Unfortunately I think this is accurate, as there's probably a curfew in place. I wish it was an hour later as it seems weird seeing the band in broaddaylight...

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815?.....wow thats early compared to rest of shows!.maybe there doing this to finish before footy?.how long does a footy match last?.......och why dont theyjust do a whole afternoon!tongue.gif..from say 4 till 6!roll.gifroll.gifroll.gif.then all the footy fans will get thier u2 and thierfooty!.......thumbsup.gifwink.gif

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