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Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute


Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute

Acoustic Drums: White Mica (finish)


14"x7" Snare Drum

WBD-1024 24"x16" Bass Drum

WTT-1014J 14"x10" Tom

WTT-1016 16"x14" Tom (to the left of his hi-hat)


16"x16" Floor Tom

WFT-1018 18"x 16" Floor Tom





CS-940 Cymbal Stand


CS-945 Cymbal Stand (3x)

DFP-8210 Double Foot Pedal

DS-940 Drum Stool

FP-8210 Foot Pedal

HS-950 Hi-hat


SS-940 Snare Drum Stand




Brady Custom Drums


12" x 7" Brady Custom Snare




While the Yamaha website lists a Yamaha snare drum, Larry does use the Brady

14 x 8 Sheoak Block for the VERTIGO tour.


Also, while the Yamaha site lists Larry as playing Yamaha drums "since

1977", he did play Tama FiberStar drums during the "Boy" and "October"

era's - and a Premier Olympic Kit before that.



Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute characteristics


Beech has the attack and presence of maple and the bottom-end punch of birch.

Beech Custom Absolute has the best of both worlds and is the most

versatile woods available.





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