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three nights croke park all the way from oz! and i made it onto the official web site video of "on stage in dublin" slept out for three nghts! was worth every aching joint and i would do it again tomorrow!

the only prob is now im back home ive hit the wall - i wonder how the guys do it, it must be sooooo very hard to be on stage for so many months and then just stop! i was only on a high for three nights and i feel like crap now!

anyway loved every min of every concert dublin was a blast!

i was going to go to the uk concerts but we go to the st pats day celebration in sydney every year and i spoke to a few irish lads and they said no if your going go to dublin! and it was worth it.

the atmosphere had to be sampled to understand how it felt, and ill be back again next time around.

hope fully they will play australia again soon. if not see you next time boys

lots of love from oz!


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