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My drawings


Hi guys,

My name is Kezz and I am a huge U2 fan like yourself. I am also an artist.

My profile picture is a drawing I did of the Boy off the U2 album "Best of 1980-1990" This boy is also on the album cover of "Boy and War". I love to draw and I specialise in portrait drawings, famous people inperticular.

If you would love and appreciate a U2 drawing, perhaps a perticular picture of Bono, or maybe you have a special photo of that U2 concert you went to with your friends or loved one and would love to have the memory captured and cherished in a original one off pencil drawing, then I would love to offer my services to you.

My drawings are my passion and my purpose. I put my pencil to paper with tenderness, compassion and excitement . My heart and soul goes into every drawing that I do.

If you would like a drawing, please email me at kez4u2@hotmail.com 

To provide a quote, I would need to know how many people you would like in the drawing, a photo or picture,  if you want black and white pencil or colour, what size and if you would want the drawing framed. I have many more drawing to show for examples and am open to sugestions.

Cheers, Kezz Smile



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