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Bono and U2BROTHR


I thought I would share a special thing that happened to me.  For those who know or may not know, I am one of the biggest U2 fans on the planet. I've seen 24 U2 shows and have met the band several times. No...I'm not a stalker or crazy, but I have a passion for this band and their music just as big as my passion is for my car.

I'm a blessed soul. My wife gave me my vanity plate for my birthday a few years back. The plate is U2BROTHR. U2 for the band....and the BROTHR part should be obvious.

Bono and Bob Geldof have been asked to be guest editors this weekend for a special edition of Canada's National Newspaper, The Globe and Mail. Outside of the band, Bono continues his relentless devotion to world poverty, Africa, and AIDS. Whether you like or dislike U2's music is one thing, but the man is a complete hero to me, using his celebrity status to try and make a difference in the world.

Bono and I are no strangers. He's seen me before in the front row of his shows and he's seen my license plate around my neck at these shows.

I managed to wait for him in Toronto outside of the Globe and Mail offices in order to meet him. I managed to get my picture with him and directed him to take a look at my car with the license plate on it. He called the Tiburon quite the 'jammer' and asked if we could take a picture on the hood, despite the recent rain fall. I said to him, "ah...Bono don't sit down, the car is wet!" He politely ignored me and plopped down on the car.

I'm the luckiest fan in the world. Bono, thanks for making a dude feel special.


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